Monday, August 8, 2011

Mars Opposing Pluto

I wonder how many tea party activists know they are a text book example of how astrology works.

In 2009 pluto entered Capricorn, the same sign it occupied in the years leading up to the American Revolution. 

You are probably wondering what the Siege of Fort Pitt has to do with the Tea Party or the American Revolution.  I chose a chart for June 22, 1763 because, like Aug 2009, it is the first time mars opposed Pluto during Pluto’s unbroken transit through Capricorn.  246 years, that’s how long it’s taken Pluto to return to the position it held after the Seven Years War when tensions between the colonists and British authorities began the inexorable build up to the American Revolution.

Pontiac’s Rebellion was a series of attacks made by several banded Native American tribes against British colonial forts soon after the French and British signed the Treaty of Paris.  Many of the Indians in the Ohio Valley fought on the side of the French and did not like the way they were treated by the British colonists.   Meanwhile, the colonists resented the way they were excluded from service in the British war against the French and Indians; and the British resisted the colonists’ drive to expand westward fearing their growing power and the troubles it would stir up with the Native Americans.  As soon as the French were gone there was no common enemy to bond the colonists to the crown and they started to get uppity.

♇ ♇ ♇ ♇ ♇

The tea party movement comes on the plutonian anniversary of the colonists’ drive toward independence.  People all over the world are learning how to govern themselves while fighting to throw off the yoke of oppressive institutions.  This is more than the return of a single planet to a previous moment: note Uranus in Aries in the above chart, another astrological repetition from 1763 that we are experiencing right now.  So the tea party is on schedule, but something does smell fishy.

Below is the chart for Aug 16, 2009 when the protesters were breaking up town hall meetings on the health care bill.  See if you can spot the similarities and differences between the chart for 1763 and the one for 2009.
And now, a chart for mars opposing Pluto this month, the second of about 7 mars-Pluto face offs that will occur while Pluto is in Capricorn.

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