Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Janis Joplin

Janis’ Moon in Cancer was almost across from the Sun at the end of Capricorn.  Sun in last duad (twelfth) of Capricorn is an inspired organizer.  Ms. Joplin’s Moon in the 6th house of that late Capricorn Sun was an apprentice to her organizing spirit (Sun is usually translated as spirit or ego).  Earth had passed through the closest point with Jupiter for the year by the time she was born, so the Sun was in a position of equality with the nurturing philosopher.  That meant the inspired organizer had an equal say with the exalted nurturing philosopher.  Exalted nurturing philosopher refers to Jupiter being exalted in Cancer.

Mars in Sagittarius was disposited by Jupiter.  Jupiter exalted in Cancer was in a position to receive praise, but that’s not the same as having power.  BUT, since Jupiter in Cancer is disposited by the Moon, and there was the Moon in Cancer coming to its monthly fate with Jupiter, the Moon (translated as soul) is the ruler of her chart.

Van posted the comment about Janis’ chart (Jan 18, 2015) during a period when Mercury and Venus are in a very similar position to the one they hold in her chart.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius.  Mercury is usually translated as mind or intellect.  Location of Mercury is associated with style of processing perceptions.  Today Mercury is almost standing still, about to go retrograde, it is just ‘backing off’ from a meeting with kind Venus occurring in the sign Aquarius.  Janis was born a few days after Mercury turned retro.  These periods of Mercury slowing down in Aquarius are associated with clear minded focus, unclouded by emotion or past experiences.  That clear focus was still allied with the planet of kindness even though they were both in a sign of cool headed rationalism.

I hope someone will add observations about Ms. Joplin’s chart.  I have copied it to paper and it is going up on my wall of charts.

Here is a chart showing Mercury slowing down near Venus yesterday. 

 And a snippet from the ephemeris showing Mercury slowing down from day to day.

Thanks to Van for mentioning Janis' birthday!  Now I will have Janis Joplin’s chart on my wall near the ones for Keith Richards and Patti Smith!

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