Saturday, October 25, 2014

Introducing the Zodiac on Stellarium

The above video is from the new Our Sky You Tube channel.  
It was originally a slide presentation, then a video using free Jing software.  I later converted it to You Tube friendly format and it became one of the first vidoes uploaded to the Our Sky channel.  

I'm leaving the old post below to secure the date and time for posterity.  For some reason the old slide show is missing.  I might fix that in the future, but it was a real pain--took forever to load and did not play well.  I much prefer the video format.  

I remember making all those arrows with planet/zodiac glyphs to scroll to the page bottom where the wide format would not bleed into the blog business on the right.  So from here down is the original post (just for future reference) of my first step into slide shows and videos----
Scroll down past the arrows to get to the video and then give it plenty of time to buffer.  It is a 5 minute presentation on Stellarium about the difference between the zodiac and constellations.


The video may take several minutes to load after you click the start button.  It will probably stop after a few seconds- it needs plenty of time to get dressed and ready to go.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.
This video takes 9 minutes to load, that’s a lot of commercials and this isn't the Super Bowl.  There's no music, no groups of amazing underpaid young women doing incredible acrobatics while young jocks rest on the bench and retired jocks talk about what the young jocks just did on the field.  Is it even worth it ?  All we're talkin about after all is the stinkin' sky!    Who really cares?   Well it is up to you.  Maybe you could go feed the cats or something, and then come back an see if it was worth all the trouble.  The next time you watch it, it will be right there, ready to go, no wait, just click and find out about the zodiac from an astronomical point of view.

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