Saturn in Scorpio

(Following are a few paragraphs about Saturnin Scorpiofrom the post for Nov 5, 2013)

Here’s the deal with Saturn; it is kind of like a parent with the responsibility of keeping things together through hard times.  If you put that parent in an atmosphere of moral and physical break down (Scorpio), well, I guess it is kind of like sending an experienced drill sergeant in to shape up demoralized troops. There is a big difference between training new recruits who have no idea what they are getting into and training people who know very well what war is all about.  Saturn in Scorpio is not trying to prepare innocents for the world, but to convince battle weary soldiers of life that their integrity still matters in a world which they now know to be full of corruption. 

Leading through the Times of Loss
Saturn was in Scorpio Nov 1953-Jan 1956 then again Sept 1983- Nov 1985.  Anyone born between those dates ‘has’ Saturn in Scorpio.  They started out in life at a time when the planet of discipline was in the sign of loss.  Scorpio is the sign where the ecliptic descends below the celestial equator; we see it cross under in Libra, but in Scorpio the descent becomes starkly visible.  The Mars rulership of Scorpio mirrors this separation.  Mars is the planet of primitive individuality.  It rules this portion of the life cycle where the energy is steadily decreasing and reserves are visibly low. 

Most of us can easily see how Mars would rule Aries, the sign of life exploding into being; the association with Scorpio is not so obvious.  In Scorpio, Mars is preserving life for the future, it is storing its essence, or seed, for a time when the energy levels will again rise.  So Saturn in this sign of secreting something away helps keep the storage area free of rot. 

Many Saturnian types get pegged with being bitter.  How does a tree keep its growing mass of cellulose from being consumed by opportunistic organisms?  It produces a chemical that tastes bitter.  It is this bitter chemical in the flesh of the expanding trunk of the tree that keeps it from rotting, which is really just the process of being eaten alive by another organism.

Saturn in Scorpio is like an old soldier among a bunch of battle weary troops suffering from war and overindulgence in pleasure.  Saturn has the time, the experience, and the integrity those people who have been through the worst can admire.  When they talk about what they have seen and done, Saturn does not shrink in horror.  Saturn in Scorpio gives people who have something to be ashamed of a chance rebuild their self respect one small step at a time.  And for those who think they have nothing to be ashamed of, Saturn has ways of relieving them of their illusions.

(Here is a section about Saturn in Scorpio from theMarch 20, 2014 post.)

Many friends are asking me what is wrong and looking for some understanding of why they feel so lost in a tunnel of darkness.

Back in 2011 Saturn was in Libra, so things were a lot more transparent and a lot more innocent.  Saturn entered Scorpio Nov 2012, coming under passive rule by the planet of war, so the aggression has gotten progressively more canny.  Sex, death and investment are all filed under the same sign in astrology; Scorpio.  If we didn’t die we wouldn’t need to reproduce.  We could just think of investment as putting vegetables up from the garden.  Since we’re talking about Saturn in Scorpio (instead of the Sun) we need to imagine these vittles stockpiled for a lean period of at least 10 years.  They can’t just be thrown in a baggie and tossed in the freezer; even Ball Jars are a bit dicey if those vegetables are really important. 

Saturn in Scorpio can be translated as Integrity spending 2 ½ years wandering around in the labyrinth wondering if it will ever again see the light of day. (Then when it does see the light of day in Sagittarius it must cope with the uncertainty of strange new territory.)  With Uranus in Aries the quiet of Saturn in deep dark places is laced with the muffled explosions of new life unfolding above. 

Saturn was in Scorpio from Aug 1983-Nov 1985, Nov 1953- Sept 1956; Daddy in the cave where he hides his secret weapons.  And then of course there were the years when Neptune was in Scorpio 1957-1969; Uranus Sept 1975-Jan 1981, and Pluto 1984-1994.  Astrologically, the years with outer planets in Scorpio are darker and more mysterious than the years of WW1 and WW2. 

One last thing, which I keep repeating because it is so important, Pluto in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.  That is like the exile contracting with an official of significant rank.  But Saturn is in Scorpio, so the official with rank is not in power, but must answer to the warrior or hero.  This means Pluto is indirectly under the influence of the warrior/hero.  It adds up to 3 outer planets (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) ultimately under the influence of Mars.  We are stuck in this highly militarized situation until Saturn enters Sagittarius Dec 24, 2014 for a 5 month taste of the ranking officer under the influence of Jupiter.  Jupiter is fun but not dependable.  Life is just so...... limited by circumstances.

Many friends are asking me what is wrong and looking for some understanding of why they feel so lost in a tunnel of darkness.  You will not understand what Saturn in Scorpio is until you are out of the tunnel and can see how much integrity you have gained by having to stand tall in the face of loss, until you look back at the dark place behind you, and see the sign decorated with snakes, lizards and creepy arachnids that says “Scorpio.”  You will not believe me, I know, because I did not believe it when I first came to astrology.  You will not understand the need to push your own agenda, in the face of everyone doing the same damn thing, until Uranus passes into Taurus, the energy dissipates, and you can look back at the red flag, satisfied that you gave it your best, and see the past from the new present and say, “ohhhh that’s what they mean by Uranus in the sign of the head butting Ram.”  Nature is having its way with us.

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