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May Horoscopes

May 2012 Horoscopes
Late again!
You can always find Our Sky Horoscopes on time at The Triangle, including Fluffy Cosmos, DJ Pancakes and many other inspiring writers from the glbt community.  Click on the link and check them out!

Aries:  On May 9 your mainline to hot information will be compromised, but a helpful channel will be an inspiring example of patience and restore your faith in partnership.  By the 24th your access to intelligence will be effortless; you’ll soon look back on the last several months and appreciate the knit fixing that seemed to go nowhere. 

Taurus:  Virtual life is for the birds, but get used to it; you’ll be up in the air till August.  After a low spirited May 9, you’ll start examining rooftops to orient yourself.  May 13, 14 you’ll still be lost and paralyzed but full of hope.  Call and respond, listen and talk back, you’ve got to hang in the treetops for awhile and learn to chat with the avian tribe.

Gemini:  The wind continues at your back till the 9th, and then those pedals will need more torque.  Your best bet is persuasion May 11, 12- but cooperation will be threatened May 15, 16.  The weekend of the 18th is not in your hands; May 25-27 is the high point of the month. 

Cancer:  May begins with a problem to solve and your best chance to gaze on the fleeting nature of perfection.  Don’t run out for a new radio when urgent signals are dropped or seem to become fainter as the month progresses.  You will have to feel your way for a while, and guess at the meaning of the few messages that get through.  Keep a steady hand and after the 24th you’ll get an inspiring jump in reception. 

Leo:  When I look at Leo’s chart for May 13 I get a nostalgic urge to reread “The Brotherhood of the Grape.”   At the same time I picture a child, dragged against their will to work in the field, discovering grown up pleasures they would have missed, had they not been pressed to carry grown up weight.

Virgo:  May 1 the moon highlights the ongoing challenges you’ve dealt with since Nov.  May 3 and 4 take care of contract duties while you’re motivated to speak up.   The quest to find creative solutions for practical problems peaks before dawn May 22.  May 26 your ability to take on a bit of chaos will feel like the triumph of a survivor.  May 28-30 things are improving, but there is still a little way to go.

Libra:  May 4 your cool head prevails, then on the 9th the moon points to the dispossessed while mental activity digs in for an understanding of how things work.  May 13 if you can let go, wander dissolutely; the better for your reflexes on the 17th when tempers flare.  May 18-20 get busy behind the scenes while the moon closes in on the sun.  Visit like a butterfly May 26, 27.

Scorpio:  You retain the initiative through May 9 and then your will to fix things gives way to necessity.  Not to worry, hidden information will start to come out after the 24th at the same time the fix-it train is picking up speed.  You still have plenty of influence.

Sagittarius:  In May conversations will rise and fall like the feathers from an old fashioned pillow fight; by the 9th the pillows will be worse off than the birds whose down stuffed them and the air will begin to clear as gravity takes over.  But then on the 24th someone lets in a breeze and stirs things up all over again.  The air shows no sign of staying clear till the June rains come.

Capricorn:  You’re still vulnerable till the 10th, when hot heads run out of steam.  Then, as folks begin to cooperate with each other you’ll forget the rancor, or at least not dwell on it.  Your work as a diplomat becomes more intricate on the 24th when you start managing all the input.

Aquarius:  You can handle the stress of war.  The real threats since Nov come from the failure of equipment and disregard of critical protocol.  Give up wrangling from May 9-23, but then go back out like a bee after honey and the lines of communication will hum with efficiency.

Pisces:  Your tour in the nursery has been extended- they want thrillers till May 9 and then you can bring out the sleepers till the 24th for quiet time.  The scariest part of the month comes when everyone wakes up from a nap eager to tell a story just like you. 

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