Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mars and Jupiter in Earth Signs

 Blogspot has changed the format and I feel like I'm driving in an automatic after years of a stick shift. 

Not sure if this is Mars finally picking up speed after so many months in Virgo- but I tried to play a cd in the dvd player plugged into my little tv in the living room.  Except for computers we haven't had a working cd player in the house for more than 4 years.  They aren't as plentiful in thrift stores as they once were.  I remember when you could get a decent boom box for 8-10 bucks.  So, since the dvd player does play cd's; I've done like Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz, I clicked my heals and got the music I could have had all these months.

There is a middle eastern disco beat pulsing in the living room.  A nice call and shout number is on the second track with women responding to men and lots of hand drums.  I get this stuff at the store where I buy olives, olive oil and feta cheese.  There is a really beautiful woman who treats me like a sister.  She is from Egypt and has a baby boy.  I have spoken with some of the other women at the store a bit, but she is the one who literally took me under her wing.  Since then I have noticed that she is outspoken with the men.  Though I'm sure she is not yet 30 years old, she has the spirit of a matriarch.

I love the combination of violins like plentiful water rushing over rocky creek beds and hand drums like many feet pounding the bare earth.   I will have to ask my friend what they are singing in these songs.  I tried to learn the alphabet in Arabic, but failed twice.  One day....when there is more time for these things.  

So crossing the obvious technical hurdle to get music could be Mars finishing up its extended stay in Virgo, but what to associate with the international theme it has fed in my world?  Maybe Jupiter in Taurus.  That stay has been a bit longer- about a year, and it has felt like a time of putting down roots, realizing a commitment, coming to an understanding of loyalty among people from faraway places.  Without traveling from my home, I have made a place in my life for strangers.  It has been very difficult; I am exceedingly selfish with my time, my words and attention to the lives of others.  My son and dog and housemate live with my antisocial behavior every day.

But today I am alone in the house with my dog who does not complain about my choice of music, getting the dishes washed with a lively beat, a foreign language and foreign musical flourishes gracing the air.  But I am late to clean a house...  jumping jupiter!

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  1. wow i did not notice that Mercury had entered taurus- no wonder I was so cozy all of a sudden.