Thursday, June 30, 2011

July Horoscopes

Aries:  Although your good news is received like Marco Polo’s amazing but true stories from the Orient, you are too preoccupied to get carried away in celebratory speeches. You have to sort through a mess of clues before your upcoming face off with They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Taurus:  On the heels of Independence Day your planet opposes Pluto.  While citizens confront each other about their so called rights, law makers and those charged with maintaining the peace are trapped in the middle, demonized by both sides.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but for now your modest acts of kindness support a sane society, which is what’s really at stake in this tug of war.

Gemini:  You are ready to have fun, but some practical limitation holds you back until the 8th.  Then there is another problem called Mars, in your sign from June 21-Aug 3, stirring up passions and pricking you into action.  Don’t worry about feeling irritated; as soon as you meet the challenge at hand, you’ll feel very differently about what got you moving.

Cancer:  Venus enters your sign on the 4th, bringing pleasant company and good vibes; but at the same time it will be hard to relax before the 9th because of friendship or contractual obligations.  At the very end of the month Venus joins the sun in Leo, and a renewed fascination for the people you love contributes to your sense of security.

Leo:  You’ve got a test in humility at the beginning of the month, which will reinforce the classes in executive management you’re scheduled to complete over the next 10 years.  Your throne goes in storage till next summer, and you get a big desk with a filing system for sending invoices and paying bills.  July 29 starts your vacation.

Virgo:  If you’re one of those Virgo people that always have to be in control, this may not be such a fun month for you; there’s a lot of self expression on your list of things to do.  You do have some pressing communication that requires your grown up attention; but this month the inhabitants of the land of make believe would especially love to see you.

Libra:  This month you are a fine upstanding citizen in the country of do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Weeks one and two will cost you dearly, and you can expect to feel some resentment.  Hang in there till the 29th and you’ll have a chance to tell war stories to some one who appreciates the sacrifices you’ve made.

Scorpio:  All this talking makes you want to crawl into a hole.  You don’t have to engage in every conversation, but the ones you do are like money in the bank.  By the end of the month you’ll be glad you took the time out for visiting while the opportunity lasted.

Sagittarius:  Mars opposing your sign makes this a challenging month.  It’s enough distraction to warrant moving practice to another field, if you had that luxury.  The upside is you have a whole month to figure out whether you can mentally adjust to this level of static.

Capricorn:  This month you get some tender loving care with a good dose of medicinal gossip.  The overdue acts of kindness are no problem, but at the beginning of the month, the grapevine will be.  As much as you appreciate the loving support and friendly conversation, you’ll have to stay on your toes mentally to steer shared news from away from the rut of criticism.

Aquarius:  On July 10th begins our annual 5 month passage between the Sun and Uranus, an especially welcome retreat from the current supercharged revolution, not scheduled to peak until next summer.  Whether you’ve been out in the streets, or dismantling revered statues in more removed places, your attention will now be drawn to fulfilling contractual obligations and getting ready for an upcoming presentation.

Pisces:  Write it down, draw it; repeat the story.  Sometimes, it really does take years to make sense of a dream.  You won’t regret the time and effort it took to record the incomprehensible paths of the dreaming mind.

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