Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Astro Daily

Is it my imagination or are we swimming in a sea of soulful stories right now?  Every one seems to be so alive and willing to enter the wave, they are all swimming toward it.  It is a truly ignited spring, a long spring of rockets and war, competition and confrontation, slamming doors, stomping feet and generally demanding as much as we can get.  It is a historic spring that will not soon be forgotten.  But, today it now becomes so much more in our minds, it crosses the line from asceticism to romanticism, from corporate outlook to spiritual view.  Our minds are about to get thoroughly washed out in the next 13 years, our skulls will wash up on the beaches of the universe, polished and white from being tossed about in the salty waves for more than a decade.  How many moons is that?  About 150?  A hundred fifty very romantic new moons, the first one born of cardinal fire, a conflagration. It really is a time of heroic deeds and unlimited intentions when we attempt to accomplish a lifetime in a single leap, as though each one could be our last, giving it our all.

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