Sunday, July 9, 2017

Faulkner: The Goodwill of a Libra Author

I am reading Faulkner's Go Down Moses, with help from shmoop and wikipedia sorting out the many generations of characters.  I have read A Light in August, and The Unvanquished.  I am gaining realization of how kindly he saw every one of his characters- not a one, no matter how despicable their actions, is porytayed as any creature less than deserving of understanding.

I just looked up his chart and was not surprised to see Sun and Mars in Libra in the house of communication.  That Venus at the very end of Leo, and following a studious pack of planets in Virgo, reminds me of his wonderfully understated sense of humor.

And Saturn in that tight lineup with Uranus in Scorpio - what an excellent, revolutionary and at the same time very sobering portrayal of corrupted lives, exploring how they arrived at their corrupted state their struggle is as noble as that of the uncorrupted.

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