Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stand up Time for the Mystic Warrior

Mars is seriously slowing down, like a double semi tractor trailor testing the brakes long before the projected stopping point.  the stopping point is 8sagittarius54mins on April 17. things in heaven beat the hell out of Texas; i don't reckon a Lone Star State herd of cattle would take 3 weeks to come to a stop and reverse direction.

Mars is a good planet to watch when you want to gauge actions on Earth from among the spheres.  The outer planets are good for historic and unforgettable life events, but Mars is where we see the individual battles unfold on the field.  Mars is where we see things down and dirty.

it was at alllmost 5Pisces the minute i was born.  Now it (Mars) is at 5Sagittarius exactly 10 signs from where it was all those years ago, when i was first presented to the light.  This is about the 30th time it has made this same trip so i've gotten a bit wise to the process.    (thanks to centuries of astrologers who took the trouble to record what they knew about these cycles.)

what i've learned from astrologers is that a planet 10 signs from its starting point is in the integrity stage of growth.  it is in the step along the path of becoming where we must stand tall as grown ups and fulfill our role in the community.  the web of life is studded with these moments when we must push various aspects of our selves to reach their highest potential.  we don't really push, or climb, as much as the spinning Earth does.  but we lose our perspective among these hills and meadows and think we originated the idea of tilting this sphere, speeding it forward and leaving aethereal waves in our wake.

to stand tall for any planet, or aspect of ourselves- and this is Mars, the one of fearless action, is a lot of responsibility.  this has been the focus of my mystical warrior for the last several weeks as Mars has been trudging through the end of Scorpio and beginning of Sag.  it has been slowly working its way through the philosophical step of the mystic path seeing this step of responsibility getting closer and bigger.

there was a lot of doubt and questioning in the last few days before transiting Mars passed into the 10th house from my natal Mars.  it was like the soldier preparing to face an unknown enemy and wondering if the battle was necesary and if so why? why this battle and not another?  why this foe?

and the strangest of all is that Mars in Pisces really does not have human enemies.  anyone that dares to attack Mars in pisces will be met with little resistance or counter attack.  Mars in Pisces is the medic rushing in collecting wounded from all fronts.  it is the chaplain beside fighters trying to beat death.  death is always near wherever there is Mars, but in Pisces Mars has to take its chances and watch fate decide the outcome.

the stand up position of Mars in Pisces is Sagittarian improvisation.  the hero taking off from the monastery or convent as their place of training enters a world of guns and roses and learns to live with fate as opportunity.   Any fate, no matter how "bad" it seems, is a golden opportunity for spiritual growth.  When Mars gets to Sagittarius from that dreamy Piscean convent it is time to try out various strategies for uncovering the hidden blessings of dreadful situations.

Nurse G is having to set limits for Mr. Lyrica.  he puts on a very obedient face most of the time and cooperates when the guards are looking.  but that craving for the holy water and the magic pills is returning.  it's a sign that he's getting better, but it makes Nurse G's job a lot harder.

My job, which i created all by myself, is to introduce him to healthy pleasures and give him fascinating ideas for his reborn mind to contemplate.  yes, i get the fun job.

Two weeks ago i had him over to my house all day Saturday.  we took two walks, each lasting over an hour, which wore both of us out.  "How long have we been walking?"

"40 minutes.  but this is our 2nd walk.  we walked for an hour at about 12:30."

he stopped.  i was soo relieved!  "maybe we should turn around here."

" i can go for that.  i was ready to go with you all the way to Lake Wheeler Road.  This is much better."  and we turned back to retrace the two miles we had walked down the greenway.

"how long have we been walking?"  I keep up with the time and he calculates the mileage.  i can't remember, but he does, how long it takes to walk a mile.

in between walks we cooked.  he chopped veggies and stirred them in the hot oil.  he went through the spices and shook a little of this and a little of that into his hand and added to the stir fry.  nice memory.  we ate on the back porch.  someone must have claimed the bottle of Tapatio which i've not touched since it was given to me; because it was nowhere to be found when he asked for hot sauce.  he turned salt down and accepted instead a lonely little packet of hot sauce hidden among packets of duck sauce and hot mustard from the days when my son and i used to eat a lot of Chinese take out.

These are all familiar pleasures to him- walking and cooking.  Earlier in the day, maybe it was after the first walk, we made brownies.  he said he had made pot brownies.  i remembered eating one of them at a New Year's party more than ten years ago.  it reminded me of a really good story, but i did not tell it.

the best pleasure of all for me was when we sat at either end of the long couch with our legs stretched out.  we had to keep shifting things around to find the best arrangement.  I think he was as comfortable as i was and had enough room......i talked about where Mars was when he was born.

as i finish this it is Wed.  i spent the day practicing pronunciation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  i recorded them onto my digital voice recorder from his iphone this past Sun.  i went over to dry laundry on that cloudy day, hoping i might be driving up with my husband to visit our son this week.  it looks like we will not go this week.  some time soon maybe.

A lo mejor (that's how my Mexican friends say perhaps) Mr. Lyrica and i will go to my husband's this Sat and help him get email set up.  he just got connected to internet service and there seems to be some kind of problem.

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