Monday, August 24, 2015

Sun meets Jupiter during Sober Period of Lunar Cycle

Whenever I feel good during the Moon’s line-up with Saturn and Pluto I study the charts to find the culprit.  The period when Moon is lined up with Saturn is serious business for the soul.  No fooling around.  These years, as Saturn draws closer and closer to Pluto the meetings get heavier as we go.  One day we’re faced with sobering realities that take a back seat for the rest of the month, and then a few days later we’re faced with an awareness of what it’s like to live on the edge of a bustling community of planets, humans or other life forms.  I’m talking about when the Moon is lined up with Pluto; every time that happens, every month, we are made aware of a tiny distant body tracing out an exceedingly long and eccentric cycle.
So when I felt hopeful, recognized, and engaged this weekend during the monthly sobering passage I wondered….

A Tangent about Jupiter in the last Quarter of its Cycle with Saturn

Well this morning it came to me.  I was fiddling with the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter is just entering Saturn’s 10th house this month.  We’re talking about the 10th step in a 20 year cycle between the planet of limits (slow Saturn) and the planet of opportunity (fast Jupiter).  So even though Jupiter is now passing from Leo to Virgo, two fairly inexperienced signs, it is in a position of authority with the planet of limits.  Every day Jupiter is already high in the sky when Saturn is coming up in the East.  While Saturn is taking action to set or impose a limit, Jupiter is already up and waving its inspiring flag of  “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”   Try another door, push a different button, ask a different person for help.  Ask the same person, maybe they are in a better mood.  Try, try again.  Jupiter.  Since  Ms. Try Try again is now  in Virgo maybe the appeal is for information or help fixing some piece of techno gadgetry.   Take a Shot, What Have You Got to Lose!  is on the midheaven when Wait a Minute, Let’s See what Kind of Pitfalls Could be Hidden that Might Cause Trouble if we Rush into Action is just making its appearance from around the ‘far side’ of the Earth. 

Every day, Jupiter (faith) is on the midheaven when Saturn (limits) is rising.  They will continue in this stage of their relationship for many months.  Remember, the cycle between these two planets is 20 years.  Jupiter will not begin succumbing to the limits of Saturn until 2019, when it is in the last house while Saturn is rising.  We’ll talk more about that as their 20 year reunion approaches.

Why these 4 Days of Moon Lined up with Saturn and Pluto Don’t Suck 

Ok, that’s some background stuff about Jupiter and Saturn, now I can get to why this 4 day period when the Moon is near Saturn and Pluto does not feel as sobering as usual.  This week the Sun is in its yearly meeting with Jupiter.  The Sun is right near the planet of faith.  Sun is spirit.  It is the flame.  The Sun lined up with Jupiter is translated as the spirit lined up with the risk taker. 

Figure 1

So, this past weekend, today and tomorrow, while the Moon goes through the sobering part of its monthly cycle, the Sun is in the hopeful part of its yearly cycle.  

I was going to stop here, but let me elaborate just a wee bit.  The spirit can take a lot.  It just goes and goes, no matter how good or bad the going gets.  Sometimes the spirit gets so used to trudging through existence that it forgets how much faith it takes to keep on going.  Well, in the case of humans in bodies pinned to revolving Earth, there are a few days when Jupiter, invisible mind you, is lined up like a biggg fuzzy friend on the other side of a see saw from the creatures crawling around and flying through Earth’s atmosphere.  The Sun, also known as spirit, is the fulcrum in the middle, and Earth is directly across from Giant Jupiter. 
Figure 2  Check out Luna lined up with Pluto!
In the astrology chart (fig 1) we see the Sun right beside Jupiter.  We're supposed to know Earth is in the middle in astrology charts.  In the sky Jupiter is invisible because the Sun’s light is so bright.  Although it is invisible this is the period of fulfillment between Earth and Jupiter, the few days when faith perfectly balances our position in our journey around the Sun.  

One last little note.  Saturn looks like it is in the beginning of Scorpio in screenshot (fig 2) but it is actually almost in Sagittarius.  In order to make it appear more accurately among the other planets you have to zoom way out and then they won't all fit on the screen at the same time.  You have to zoom way out and then wander around looking for it like a solar system scout traveling from planet to planet in the vast void of inky darkness.

That’s all folks!  I’m off for more playtime with Stellarium.

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