Saturday, May 23, 2015

Earth Passes between Saturn and Sun

The Earth passed between Saturn and the Sun yesterday, and today my son came home with a 1969 volkswagon and took me for a ride.  I love his dad, even though I don’t want to live with him, I love him for getting me pregnant and everything else he did to influence our son.  I was so scared, many months ago, when our 20 year old said he wanted to spend $2000 on an old beetle that his boss at the mechanic shop where he works offered to sell him.  He already spends constantly on his 1972 Ford pickup and it sounded like it could be another money pit.  But now that I have had a ride I am so excited. 
What a great way to celebrate the passage between Saturn and the Sun!

The Earth is in the middle in astrology charts.  Here is a screenshot from
 You can see Mercury about to overtake Earth on the inner track. 

Meanwhile the Sun is catching up to Mars.  They will meet in about 3 weeks (Sun June14).   They line up about every 25 months, last time was in Aries.  The earthly event associated with that planetary meetup between Sun (ego/spirit) and Mars was the bomb set off by two brothers at the end of the Boston Marathon.  This year when the meeting takes place just about everything will fall under the control of Mercury in Gemini.  Mercury will be lingering, after turning direct, in the tender Cancer duad of Gemini, so it will be a real magician, playing tricks but the kind that nurture and promote growth.  I’m always inspired by magicians that entertain by showing us our own lack of awareness.  The magicians I like best gently show us that there is much more going on around us than what we catch.  

First the chart for June 14 shows Sun 1 minute ahead of Mars.  Then in screenshot you can see what's really happening; Earth is swinging around the far side of the Sun from Mars so we see them lined up.  By August Mars will be visible in eastern sky right before sunrise. 

Virtual Mars on the far side from Earth of virtual Sun.  

I can't believe there will now be a Volkswagon Beetle in my life!  And I don't have to pay the repair bills, just hop in and get taken for a ride!  This brings back the best memories of driving to the mountains with Charlotte so many years ago in her trusty bug.  Same smell, same sound.  

I've been really distracted lately and wishing I could get back to conversing with people in the Astrodienst forum.  Maybe by the time Mercury finishes its fly by with Earth I will have had enough distraction to write some inspired posts.  One new forum friend is allowing me to use her chart as a sample chart on my new Biznus page.

I have to say the distractions are getting better every day.  I have moved from a book on the archeoastronomy of the ancient Mesoamerican calendar to watching videos of people in Michoacan reciting poetry in Purepecha.  Very cool distractions.  There have been others.  I made a page about the Moon's nodes and decided that the rant about Faustus and Augustine was too tangential, so I took it down.  Before that I started a post about Formalhaut.  I'm trying to get acquainted with neighboring stars, and Formalhaut is interesting because Wikipedia has an image showing its dust ring.  But I ended up writing about the zodiac again.  It's like a bug buzzing right next to the ear.  But it's a good bug, and by June 14 Mercury in the Cancer duad of Gemini should be sweet while the Sun lines up with Mars in the Pisces duad of Tricky Gemini.  

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