Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Venus Coming under the Influence of Mars

I need to go clean a big house and collect a big check, but I do want to mention Venus entering Mar’s 12th house this past Saturday (Dec 19). 
I finally finished the video for the Saturn Pluto cycle, so if you are not familiar with conceptualizing complete cycles of planetary pairs that might help.  Silent video of Saturn Pluto cycle.  The event I used for Saturn entering Pluto’s 12th house (at the end of the 1914/15 cycle) was Germany coming under occupation of Soviets at end of WWII.  It is basically a succumbing to fate which did include a lot of suffering because it was a heavy duty historic cycle.  Venus and Mars meet every 2 or so years.  Since they are inner planets we get some really interesting meet ups, such as Venus turning retro after meeting Mars, and seeming to back up for a rapprochement, before turning tail and running away.  But this year’s cycle is fairly straightforward.

So, just think of the planet of accepting things as they are (Venus) now meeting its fate with the planet of going after what it wants (Mars).  For me it has felt like falling off the spiritual wagon of resisting desire.  Desires that had not ruled me for several months seem to exert a more powerful pull, until I find myself acting on them.  

The encounter of these two primitive planets takes place at the beginning of Aries this year instead of the end of Aries in April 2013.  Right now Venus in Capricorn is the picture of respectability and Mars in Aquarius is eccentric but not without self control.  They will draw nearer through Jan and Feb until conjunction Feb22 at 2 degrees Aries.  As they both get into Pisces things will get emotional but not explosive.  Maybe there will be a chance to elaborate as they come closer to their meeting.

 On another note here is a Planets Today screenshot of Saturn entering Sagittarius.  Saturn is now disposited by Jupiter after more than 2 years under contract with Mars (Mars rules Scorpio).  While Jupiter is still in Leo we will have two planets looking toward the Sun for their helpful cues.  The spirit, also referred to as ego, is strong- with Jupiter in the Sun's sign and Saturn in turn ruled by big J. When Jupiter passes to Virgo (not till August 2015) the two gas giants will be looking to Mercury and the theme for the year will be 'all the ways info can be perceived.'  Until then strong winds prevail.

First an intimate view:
Now a wider view to get a bit of Pluto's orbit in the picture:

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