Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moon 21 Minutes Past Pluto

I have been experimenting with ways to illustrate the concept of dividing degrees into minutes in the astrological chart.  Today’s Moon conjunct Pluto gives an opportunity to try out a demonstration.  Below is the chart for today less than an hour after they were lined up along the ecliptic; they look a lot closer than they appear in the magnified single degree above.  Here in Oak City they were not above the horizon but since the Sun was up, we were out and about, or most of us at least.  That meant we were consciously interacting with other humans while the monthly meeting of soul (Moon) and the distant one (Pluto) was taking place.

Here’s a chart for last month’s conjunction.  It was a busy time while Mercury was conjunct Sun, and Venus in Cancer put caretaking as the top priority.  At midnight Aug 8 the Moon was still 2 ½ degrees behind Pluto.  

That’s close but who was up that late?  And by the time they actually lined up most of us in Raleigh were entering REM sleep.   

This month’s spiritually challenging conjunction took place in an atmosphere where kittens just wanna have fun (Venus in Leo), the boss wants to get things right (Sun in Virgo) and the messenger is saying something about what’s fair (Mercury in Libra).  All that with our eyes wide open and Mars was rising just as the Moon was lining up with Pluto. 

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