Saturday, August 9, 2014

MP Goes a Wandering in the Zodiac

Not even sure what to say today.  I’m net surfing on my day off and letting projects sit on the shelf. 

That’s Virgo rising.  There is no planet in the sign Virgo right now, so there are no symbols situated inside the area where the funky green M marks off the Virgo territory.  Virgo is the sign of the student.  It is also associated with science, as in can we find a way to describe what we see happening in such a way that someone else could repeat the same process and get the same results.
Pluto was in Virgo….well let me give you a little snapshot…

From this page for Jan 1957 we can see that Pluto was backing into the end of Leo from the beginning of Virgo.  We’ll have to go back in time a bit further to see when Pluto first entered the virgin’s sign.  Here’s a screenshot of the AstroDienst Ephemeris for Oct 1956. 

The sign Virgo was rising when I began this post.  Pluto was in the sign Virgo from about 1957-1971.  Every day when we see Virgo rising, from any place on earth, that means we are in the last third of our daily descent on the Tilted Sphere carnival ride.

Any one born during the years when Pluto was in Virgo is carrying one of those moments from one of those days….that moment of birth when we first are presented to the light and draw our very first independent breath, gasp, what a moment!  That moment is incarnated in us and we carry it into the future.  Every one already in existence at that moment is conditioned to a greater or lesser degree by the earthly experiences that have shaped them.  The new life, just beginning, freshly defines a moment for the rest of us as long as they live.  Rachel Carson and her friends were beginning their campaign to change our attitudes about chemicals and the ecosystem when Pluto entered Virgo.  Children were being born....every day when the sign Virgo came up in the zodiac, Pluto was there, in the invisible distance.


The digital clock on my computer ticks away, the earth turns at a rate of a 1000mph at the equator, I type and delete.  Now it is 11:37 and we have gone from 23degrees Gemini on the MC at 9:37am to the middle of Cancer on the MC at 10:58, to 22degrees Cancer.  Libra is rising.  Here in Raleigh we are sweeping across the bottom of our rotation, and so see the crab in the sky.  Soon it will be 12:30 pm and we will see the sign of the leaping cat when we look up…..

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