Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Equinox Quick Map

We must have a scout map before the Earth gets too far from the cardinal point of the spring equinox!  At 1:20pm clock time today it is actually 12:20pm and we in Raleigh are almost exactly half way down in our daily descent from Capricorn via Aries to Cancer.  During spring equinox, when our ‘side’ is facing the sun, we see Sol on the midheaven when we are sticking out like the bucket on a Ferris Wheel half way to the bottom.  Weeeeee!!!  Aries!!!

And today the Moon is in Capricorn, lined up with Pluto...  it is just disappeared in the west in this chart for 1:20pm. Raleigh won’t see Luna in the sky again till after we have rotated to the bottom (Cancer) tonight at sunset and then come back up on the side facing Mars and Saturn (Libra).  We’ll have to rotate all the way above the middle (Libra) and through half of the sign Scorpio before we round the corner of our planet blocking light from the Moon.  If you are up at 4:30am you can see Mars and Saturn due south and the Moon in the East.  It would take visual super powers to see Pluto wayyyy off in the distance, in the same direction as the Capricorn Moon.

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