Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Sky Horoscopes September 2012

Aries:  You are now more than half way to the goal of breaking down barriers (April 2011) at the same time you’ve gotten a more intimate look at the function they serve.  By Sept 3 outsiders seeking to build will look to you for the inside scoop.  Sept 15, 16 you feel the need to invest ephemeral gifts of fortune wisely.

Taurus:  Sept 2 you enter a position of authority on a mission of diplomacy by standing firmly for tender life forms.  Sept 6 you leave the protective atmosphere of the greenhouse for direct access to the sun.  The 21st a hobbit you’ve been sheltering begins granting wishes; 26th you question whether pageantry is for power or edification.

Gemini:   Sept 1-16 will fly by in a blur of uncertainty.  When the boss looks to you for answers Sept 17-21 you’ll have enough fluency to present clear and balanced explanations with your partners.  Sept 26 you soar with eagles.  The 27th restrictions begin to apply as you approach an inescapable task.

Cancer:   A 17 month process of stripping away the distractions of life and drinking deeply of its essence begins Sept 1, just as the survival instinct is focusing on immortality.  Sept 5, 6 your spiritual approach to security will respond to the challenge of carrying life through times of loss.  Sept 12 enjoy a good laugh with someone you love while sorting out what to keep and what to let go.

Leo:  Sept 5-7 you begin putting the puzzle pieces together.  Over the next few months you are in a position to view an upcoming challenge from various angles and test the most promising ideas.  By the 17th you’ll be ready to seek another opinion.  You’ll have the most control Sept 18, 19; and then necessity to prepare for the future will start opposing other interests.

Virgo:  This is a very productive month until Sept 16, 17 when your mind turns to having fun with friends and being creative.  Sept  20, 21 you help someone zero in on the truth by keeping the channels of communication open.  Sept 25, 26 as you approach a long term task there will be strong opinions.

Libra:  The last half of this month if some one looked up the word flawless in the dictionary they would find a paragraph about you, and you even get to celebrate your perfection Sept 22-30 when people will recognize your charm and your creativity.  Next month the god of time leaves your neighborhood; it may take a while to adjust to less responsibility.

Scorpio:  You finally get all the control you crave but it comes with the ball and chain of responsibility.  By Sept 16 you’ll be able to see that 18 wheeler in the rear view mirror and start fiddling with the controls on the radio.  Use what you hear as a prompt to compose and refine your argument.

Sagittarius:  Some people pay to go through mazes and experience the thrill that comes from emerging after the horror of being lost.  Some pay good money to have others do their tax returns.  If intuition is the ability to connect and reorganize experience, then you are building a strong base till Sept 16.  After that you’ll get to compare notes to start composing a map.

Capricorn:  Sept 6-12 leave cares behind and have some fun.  Sept 13-17 study and practice your presentation.  Sept 20 you’ll have the wit and Sept 21 the poise it takes to square off with history and make sure at least two sides are heard.  Sept 23 you’ll still be getting things straight, but people will want to show their appreciation.

Aquarius:  This month you get a good look at what goes on behind the scenes of change.  Complicated deals and power plays that many lack the stomach for will benefit from your dispassionate judgment.  Where others see a corruption of ideals you see inevitable compromise.  Sept 2-4 begins approach to balance and 20, 21 it is reached intellectually.  

Pisces:  The beginning of Sept even if you are not a political pollster, you will be swimming in data.  The 9th and 10th will be passionate hunts for pieces of information and their correct place.  Late on Sept 16 you show someone what you’re doing and the process opens up to wider possibilities.  Tensions are high Sept 20 as competing views face off.

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