Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Horoscopes

Aries: This makes me think of the guy from Jesus Lizard diving over the mosh pit; and the ocean of hands taking him to the back of the room and up to the stage again. He was floating on the real thing, and so are you. The 9th a friend begins to help you distinguish what you really want, from what you are fighting for. On the 27th you’ll see how to be free as a child with a right to adult privacy.

Taurus: You begin the month as a happy student with cool teachers; the responsibilities are heavy but the shared load is light. On the 9th you enter the smoke filled room, on the 10th we all get a little jolt from nowhere, on the 13th you get a chance to see where the power is coming from and by the 25th you’ll be figuring out how to control it.

Gemini: Last fall when you passed through your annual karmic crucible you got to slap hands with a friend passing in the opposite direction, but this year you have a buddy waiting to hang out with you on the other side. On the 13th when you decide you have to figure the mystery out, you’ll be within shouting distance of your partner, and by the 25th when you’re about to crack the code you’ll be thick as thieves.

Cancer: Today the Political Junkie on NPR said the election campaigns are trying out their new slogans, testing to see which ones stick. A river puts roots down by washing sand from the bottom of its path and carrying it all the way to the sea. Which slogan will move the most sediment?

Leo: When the emperor of Byzantium asked Pope Urban for help in beating back the invading Turks, he got it; and ended up hosting the First Crusade. Your rowdy element stays till Nov, but by Oct 24th you will be making sure the party has soul.

Virgo: Soon after you have fulfilled your responsibility of surveying and sharing intelligence with the opposing camps, you’ll come upon someone struggling with vision problems. Oct 13 you’ll be drawing close enough to show them how to adjust the angle of the blinds and bring in more light. It will be like demonstrating how to tie shoe laces, but you have the whole month to do it.

Libra: Do you feel like you’ve been through the sailors’ induction of being dunked (the old fashioned way) at the equatorial crossing? Aren’t you glad to be on a ship with veterans who don’t humiliate pollywogs? The rose colored glasses will start clouding up on the 9th, and though you’ll have a dispassionate friend who knows what you’re going through, it won’t be the kind of realization you can share casually.

Scorpio: You may not notice it till after the 13th, but as the month progresses you’ll see more and more people scratching at guilt, putting a band aid over it, or suddenly shamed by the awareness of it. Don’t laugh and ask them what made them take their head out of the sand; listen and come up with a story to suit the occasion.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians do not have high expectations, as much as knowledge that they can make music regardless of the instruments at hand. When venus enters Scorpio Oct 9th, someone will be down. What do you say to the apples left on the ground for gleaners? The 13th will be an inspired day in the school of human arts.

Capricorn: The first 2 weeks of Oct are filled with friendly conversation. As the month progresses you’ll know you have established real rapport when people feel safe enough to tell the truth instead of boring stuff they think you want to hear.

Aquarius: Even if you are not a traveler, the people passing through can broaden your view of the world. The ones in your life now are eager to sing their hit songs and tell their popular stories.

Pisces: The refresher course in psychology as a second language begins Oct 9. Compared to accepting people as they are and doing what needs to be done, probing for motive can seem high handed and foreign; the problem is that heroes who are unfamiliar with the unruly winds which govern emotions, have a tendency to fly right past the landing target.

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