Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Sky Daily Sat April 9, 2011

By 5:30 tonight EDT the moon will have entered the sign Cancer. Tonight's crescent will be thick and high in the western sky at sunset. Luna's growing light, now well in advance of the cluster associated with earth's current turmoil, will concentrate our attention this evening on issues of family and home.

Pluto is stationary today, before sunrise here in NC he placed his right toe smartly behind his left foot and made an about face: he's in Capricorn now so even this apparent change in direction comes with an air of purpose. It is a political retreat and must be executed with utmost seriousness even if there is a posse of agitated spinning tops kicking up the cosmic dust three signs ahead of him.  Tiny as pluto is, he moves so slowly that his message can feel like the lowered crossing rail in front of a 150 car stopped train blocking the road on the way home from work.  Patience.  Fortitude.  Or turn around and take another route home.  That's only if you are in a hurry, otherwise sit at the crossing for some meditative moments and imagine working on one of those massive beasts traveling what Frank Norris called The Octopus in his 1901 novel.

Yesterday I said I would finish the examination of our recent sun/mars conjunction- this is not a completion but a second installment:
When the sun took its big tumble in 1964 we were at the bitter end of the 114 year uranus/pluto cycle. Their last meeting had been in 1851.  1851-1965- an extended century born in weary struggle for the birthrights of all individuals.               
When uranus and pluto were conjunct in 1851, neptune was closing in on a 500 year old appointment with pluto (due in 1890). Neptune and pluto had last met in 1399 in Gemini and were about to reconnect right back in the same sign where they had mixed it up in mortally profound discussions concerning communication and rational thought.

So in 1851 as a very tired, highly romanticized struggle for the rights of individuals came into the light, we were in the mature, poetic stage of  a centuries old quest for communication above and beyond quill and scroll.

Let's fast forward to the 1965 conjunction of uranus and pluto, this time in Virgo, the sign of technology and the apprentice.  Here we experienced a renewed turmoil for the rights of individuals; this time the battle was led by students.  This is the seminal historic period that informs our current crises: since their meeting uranus has advanced a quarter of the way into its 115 year cycle with pluto.  A quarter- not half, or three fourths of the way around and back again to meet the existential truth of an icy rock on the edge of the solar system.  This is the most vulnerable period of the cycle for uranus; the preschool stage of revolution.  The seed has exploded (1965), the roots have extended down into the ground, leaves for catching sunlight have opened and now the first tender stalk is reaching up to the sun.

more tomorrow...

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