Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries

Uranus will leave Aries for Taurus March 6, 2019.  There is a more extensive review of Uranus' current trip through Aries toward the end of this page.  Anyone born when a planet was in the sign Aries will have a Uranian transit during this period.  Their courageous nature will be taken to another level and they will be given an opportunity to see how that energy operates in the larger scheme of things. 
meditation prepares the mind
Uranus in Aries is the planet of social revolution in the sign of the exploding seed.  We are all affected by this high energy transit, whether we have a natal planet in the cardinal fire sign or not.  Knowing specifically where the planets were when you were born (you know- like knowing a concert is not just in North Carolina, not just in Raleigh, not just downtown, but at a certain street number on a certain street- that kind of knowing) and where they have progressed as you have developed through the years, can give a more specific account of how you are 'affected' by Uranus in Aries.

On this page we look at some charts for Uranus in Aries now, show how it is in an opening square with Pluto in Capricorn (kind of like a first quarter moon but for a 117 year cycle instead of the new moon cycle), and look at where it was when it began its current cycle with Pluto.  I have indicated the historical significance of a few charts in their titles, but not all.  No moment is insignificant.  If there is something about any chart that grabs your attention and you can't think of an event that goes with that date, look it up.  The best way to study astrology is through the study of history and discerning reflection on your own past- not dwelling on the past, but reviewing it from the perspective of the angels in heaven.  Astrology is really just a meditation to prepare the mind.  The more you use it to understand your own nature; the less surprised, ashamed, proud etc you will be of your own behavior or others.  There are some bonus charts at the end of the page showing some historical events from the preceding (20th century) Uranian passage through Aries. 

Let's start with Aug, 2011 when Uranus was retrograde at 4°.  At that time Uranus was still a year away from entering the 4th House of Pluto, but already recognized as squaring the slowest planet.  

I know, I know.  You want to know what it MEANS!*  Skip to the bottom antsy pants.

The fourth house from any planet begins at the 90th degree from its location, so Pluto’s 4th house on Aug 9 began at 5°15. Wait a minute!  Isn’t Pluto in the 5th house?  Yes it is.  It is in the 5th house from the Ascendent of 4°22'.   If you count the 30° sections from the Ascendent to Pluto, it is in the 5th section or house.  But here we are using the word 'house' to describe how Uranus relates to Pluto, and so we are counting how many 30° sections Uranus is ahead of Pluto.
Come to think of it- why don’t we take a look at where Uranus and Pluto were in the zodiac when they met?

At 5pm the day of the first Selma to Montgomery march we see Uranus, Pluto and Mars in the 1st house (the first 30° after the 7°22' Ascendent); the historic trio was rising in the eastern time zone as folks were watching the civil rights marchers get attacked (on the 5 o’clock news).  Uranus, at 12°37' was two degrees behind Pluto.  It was in Pluto’s last house.  When one planet is in the last, or 12th house of another planet we say it is under the influence of the slower planet, or in a Piscean position to the other planet.  So the year of the first Selma to Montgomery march, the planet of social revolution was under the influence of the planet of exile.  

Let’s look at a chart for when Uranus passed Pluto and was in its first house.

On Jan 8, 1967, at 2423'  was almost 4 degrees ahead of (yes it’s Pluto: different symbol than the one I use, but same planet) in the zodiac.  The planet of revolution had met with the planet of exile and what had transpired between them was very fresh in the ‘mind’ of the faster planet, just beginning its many year journey to fulfill their agreement.

At 8:41am in Saigon both and were in the 8th house (from the Ascendent), meaning Virgo was 8th in line to ascend after Aquarius.

I think these two Technicolor charts are from a post I never completed.  It looks like the color bars show where a sign begins and ends; for instance in the 1967 chart Aquarius begins in the last third of the 12th house and goes 2/3 of the way through the first.  I left out the faster planets to make it easier for beginners to make sense of the charts.

In one year advanced from 4 degrees behind K to 6 degrees ahead of it.

Saturn made a little more progress, advancing from 24°at the beginning of Uranus’ 7th house (fulfillment) to 8°where the fulfillment of the contract between Uranus and the planet of discipline is more secure.

It means the planet of revolution has reached a very tender point in its relationship with the planet of exile.  It is a point where social revolution is standing up on its own two feet, the way a toddler does, or the way a plant’s stalk develops the infrastructure it needs to channel water to supply its growing system, and reach higher toward the light.  The 4th house from any planet is the point where the slower planet is high in the sky every time the faster one comes up on the horizon.  From 2012 through 2015 Uranus crosses back and forth between Pluto’s 3rd and 4th house.  The third house is associated with Gemini, the sign of the Twins, disposable leaves, the gods of small things.  There is still some innocence in the relationship between the two planets, some youthful intimacy.  As Uranus puts more distance between itself and Pluto, as Pluto recedes from Uranus due to its more leisurely pace from the outer reaches of the system, Uranus will respond to the dangers it must meet without Pluto by its side, trying out different strategies.
They met in Virgo in the 1960’s; now Uranus is in Aries, the sign of impetuosity, truth and courage.  Every day Uranus comes up as we reach the Capricorn peek of our daily revolution on earth’s axis and receive head on the inaudible signal of the exile.  We see the planet of revolution in the east, while the planet of exile is over our heads.  And when crazy Uranus, with its funky way of rolling around the sun reaches the middle of the sky, we are falling like the bucket on a Ferris Wheel swinging out over the crowd of carnival goers Weee!!! and Pluto is setting in the west.

The planet of revolution is standing up under the watchful eye of the exile, and beating its chest.  I can do it.  I will do it.

Here is a pair of charts for a year when Uranus was in Aries the last time around.

I used 9:40pm on the second chart just to show Pluto rising in Cancer while Uranus was up in the sky.

Every day when Aries was on the Mid Heaven we were swinging in that falling bucket, but instead of Pluto setting in the west, like it is now in Capricorn, it was coming up in Cancer.   In 1929 Uranus was almost in a closing square with Pluto.  A planet making a closing square with another is like the waning last quarter moon. Uranus was in the last half of Pluto’s 9th house- Pluto’s 9th house in the lower chart goes from 19°39' to 19°38'.  It reached Pluto’s 10th house in April 1932 and only backed into the 9th house twice.  (Pluto was going a bit slower back then.)   By Jan 1934 a very hardened planet of revolution had reached Pluto's 10th house for good and had the upper hand over the planet of exile.  Pluto was still in Cancer, the sign of family and nationalism; Uranus was on its way to Taurus, the sign of the laborer. 

Uranus in Aries

First foray                May 28, 2010-August 14, 2010  
Extended passage     March 12, 2011-May 15, 2018 
Final return               Nov 6, 2018-March 6, 2019

Click on the link infor a post from when Uranus was still in the early degrees of Aries (April 11, 2011).  The essay includes comparisons between the current and previous passage, which went from April 1927-March 1935. Uranus is now (July 21, 2014) half way through the cardinal fire sign ().  It will get its first taste of fixed earth Taurus () in late May 2018.

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